There are dull subjects dull teachers dull films but no dull subjects

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Last night’s current affairs programme focused on teaching and learning challenges as the world marks World Teachers Day. The day also coincided with the 21st National Best Teacher Awards ceremony held in Tamale. When we learn some basic method to enjoy music or drawing, we can acquire happiness and enjoy ourselves.

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Definition of dull in English: dull. adjective. 1 Lacking interest or excitement. ‘Both turned to watch the young child in silence, her once bright aqua eyes were dull; no light shone in them and her demeanor was cold.’ ‘There was a dull sound in the air, like the pounding wheels of distant chariots.’.

Delia recounts the details of her incredibly dull yesterday. While her words describe a pedestrian day from breakfast to bedtime, the illustrations tell a completely different story. While Delia's eyes are either trained down on her cereal or a handheld device or looking straight ahead, lots of interesting things are happening around her.5/5(2).

Teachers can make even the dull and boring subjects seem interesting. So definitely students learn more from teachers. To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, no doubt TV and the Internet are very educative these days but students definitely learn more from the teacher.

Boring Quotes There are dull subjects dull teachers dull films but no dull subjects
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