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Journal of Control Science and Engineering

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Radial pn Junction, Wire Array Solar Cells Thesis by Brendan Melville Kayes Prestero, Derek Rinderknecht, and John Van Deusen. Thanks to my L.A./N.Z. hybrid friends, namely John Marshall and John Phillips. Thanks to Christina Bianchi for trying This thesis explores the potential of this design, first theoretically and computationally.

Calhoun: The NPS Institutional Archive Theses and Dissertations Thesis Collection Forces and moments due to unsteady motion of an underwater vehicle. Development of a non-linear hydrodynamic maneuvereing model of a diver delivery vehicle Johan Pettersson Thesis project for the degree Master of Science Royal Institue of Technology Sweden April 20, Abstract e.g.

Prestero [2]. Thesis For Colombia EcoEnergias for Colombia: an initiative to bring alternative energy sources to rural communities The initiative of EcoEnergias mission is to contribute to the provision of sustainable energy systems to disadvantaged people in the rural areas of Colombia through implementation and continuous professional research.

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Straight Path Following Control for an Under-Actuated AUV

Straight Path Following Control for an Under-Actuated AUV Timothy Prestero. Verification of a Six-Degree of Freedom Simulation Model for the REMUS Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

M.S. thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, pp, ().

Prestero thesis
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