Connecting the past to present and

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Connecting Past and Present: A Local Research Project

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Past and Present Quotes

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Highways and Protest – Connecting the Past to Present. Jordan Osterman ' February 20, While Williard also cautioned for historians not to try to make history connect to the present too directly, he said Oachs had the right approach to see how the roots of past issues apply today. connecting the past to the present: student meaning making in a middle school world history classroom Anderson, Michelle R () CONNECTING THE PAST TO THE PRESENT: STUDENT MEANING MAKING IN A.

The analysis revealed two categories of the students' thinking about the relevance of past events: (1) conflating the past with the present and the challenge of presentism, and (2) translating and adapting the past to the present.

McLeod Plantation Historic Site tells the still-evolving story of life in the Old South. historical meaning (Barton & Levstik, ; Grant, ; Seixas, ). The act of connecting past and present requires students to construct knowledge and apply what is learned in other contexts (Levesque, ).

In doing so, students attempt to make sense of the past and assign it meaning. In this unit, students become active archivists, gathering photos, artifacts, and stories for a museum exhibit that highlights one decade in their school's history.

Connecting the past to present and
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