Clinical experience

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Clinical Experience

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Provide in-person consultations, telephone consultations, or online breastfeeding and lactation care that supports breastfeeding families, including lactation assistance to pregnant and breastfeeding clients and lactation education to families and/or professionals.

These hours are to be obtained within the 5 years immediately prior to applying for the exam. A large multi-centered study examining patient outcome and satisfaction with both Labiaplasty and other Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery (FCGS) procedures.

Clearing House for Postgraduate Courses in Clinical Psychology - information on clinical psychology courses in Great Britain and how to apply. Clinical experience can be obtained through volunteer service or shadowing.

Volunteering at community clinics and/or hospitals allows you to observe a multitude of health care professionals and gain knowledge of how a hospital and/or clinic is run.

Clinical Trial Experience in Ulcerative Colitis

Shadowing a physician allows you to observe the. We offer a range of clinical placements in the Boston area, home to one of the nation’s best health care communities.

Here, students gain invaluable experience in world-renowned hospitals, innovative community agencies, public health departments, and other practice settings.

Clinical experience
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Five Ways to Gain Experience Without Shadowing