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What does an audit committee do?

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Capital Risk Management Center. A toolkit that can be used by audit committees in preparing their own policies and procedures based on observed best practice.

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Many audit committees will be revising their Non-Audit Services (NAS) policies in light of EU Audit Reforms and the Non-Audit Services that are now prohibited.

The ACI has. Environmental Infection Prevention Toolkit. The resources in this toolkit may only be used for internal improvement and education efforts. They may not be used for commercial purposes. What is an independent audit of a nonprofit? Is there a difference between an audit of a nonprofit and of a for-profit?

Are there any alternatives to having an independent audit? Does my organization have to engage an independent auditor annually? Do federal grantees need to have an audit?


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Audit committees have a big job to do in an organization—tough when the members have other responsibilities and the audit committee role is a part-time job with huge accountability. To purchase a toolkit click below. If the audit committee is assigned this role, when/if a staff member raises a concern about the financial accounting practices of the nonprofit, the employee reports his/her concerns to the chair of the audit committee.

Audit committee toolkit
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