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On the contrary, it is a critical story. In the first stanza of ‘Love and Friendship’, Brontë reminds us that when we fall in love, in that first flush of excitement when we first meet someone and fall for them, we neglect our friends, but friendship, unlike love, will not desert us.

The central message within the theme seems to be that no matter how beautiful love seems to be, it may not always turn out as one may hope.

This poem portrays how someone can almost be deceived by the appeal of love, and how significant it is not to forget about strong friendships during that process. Eros - Discuss Bronte's Presentation of Love in the Classic Novel Wuthering Heights introduction.

The God of Love. Always painted as winged youth, slight but beautiful, often with eyes covered to symbolize the blindness of love. The saying love is blind sums up the unconventional relationship of Heathcliff and Catherine which provides the.

In the various relationships, Brontë explores the dimensions of romantic, platonic, and erotic love, but mystical love seems to transcend all of them.

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The presentation of Jane’s personality and looks is shown both through her own narration as well as the dialogue between the characters. The first section of Jane’s life is at Gateshead, her aunt’s house, and she is presented as a child who is ‘but ten’ and who is plain enough to be described as ‘a little toad’ by one of the house.

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